What is the purpose of the other names list in QuickBooks?

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identifies an entry

Next, import the file (.QBY) so your client can apply the changes to the company file. I received Accountant’s copy from a couple of clients and have discovered that they have made payments to folks that should be receiving 1099s. These people were entered as “other names” rather than vendors.

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An.iff file can contain all the information on your To Do list. The keyword for the To Do list is TODO. An.iff file can contain all the information in your Other Names list.

QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2022 User’s Guide

Dragging and dropping will automatically add the attachment, while clicking the paper clip icon will open a system dialogue box. Clicking on the Terms link will take you to the list. From here, you can add or edit terms.

Terms can also specify discounts for early payment. You will then need to choose the transaction type. For this example, we will make a recurring bill. After selecting Bill, click the OK button.

Your new invoice form will show up in the list and you can preview it from the Action drop-down menu. Creating custom estimates and sales receipts are similar to making invoices, as well. After editing the design, click the Content button to change the text and fields that show up. Click the pencil icon in each section of the invoice to customize what you would like to show up there. This is a straightforward list of the categories you have created to better organize your products and services.

Step 1: Find the duplicate vendor, employee, or customer

Now when you look at the tags list, you will see your new tag group. Click the drop-down arrow to see the tags within it. You can also start tagging any transactions with your new tags. Above the attachments table, you can drag and drop files or click the paper clip icon to add a file.

When you first start with quickbooks payroll, there’s a lot of data to enter. You need to set up your list of customers, vendors, items , and employees. You may also have historical transactions you need to enter. If you are creating an import file, use one of these keywords to indicate the item type.


If you need an example, try using IIF with the sample files that come with QuickBooks. I’ve provided copies of those files here for you. When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub.

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We offer our toolkit of financial intelligence that will be your greatest asset for business growth. For instance, in the world of the Simpsons, the Duff Beer Company sells beer to Moe’s Tavern. Because a product is sold to Moe’s Tavern in exchange for money Duff Beer would consider Moe’s Tavern a customer on their books. I’ll give you some tips to organize your list. The other name list will currently be moved as vendors when your data is transferred from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online QBO). How do you change the type from a patient to a vendor and vice versa?

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  • So if you have manually changed the order of your list, re-sorting will undo these changes.
  • Clicking on the Payment Methods link will take you to the list.
  • An.iff file can contain the list of payment methods you use in QuickBooks.
  • These people were entered as “other names” rather than vendors.

They can also provide additional troubleshooting steps to get this resolved. Thanks for reaching back out to me. I appreciate you letting us know that the list of errors didn’t help and that your error wasn’t listed on the site. Once all transactions are edited/added, delete the Vendor name. Edit each transaction linked to the vendor, and then save them to the newCustomer name.

other name list

On top of that, I recommend consulting with an accountant. They can provide additional guidance and may have another option to meet your company’s needs. Yes, the changes saved from the accountant’s copy are saved.

This absolutely does NOT answer the question about what the error codes mean!! This is a simple question which should have a very simple answer. Why QB refuses to divulge the code meanings is beyond me. If this is not the case, I suggest running a clean install. This fixes any company files issues.

recurring transactions

This is a relatively new feature added to QuickBooks which is intended to be customizable labels that let you track your money however you want. Create a new invoice style by clicking the New Style button and choosing between Invoice, Estimate, and Sales Receipt. In this example, we will choose Invoice. You will be taken to a screen where you can change and preview your new style. We can now take a look at another list type that QuickBooks Online offers by clicking the All Lists breadcrumb link at the top of the page. The next list we’ll look at is Product Categories.

merchant names

Select theCreditradio button to account for the return of goods. From the list, right-click beside the name you wish to change and select Edit Other Name. Then, start viewing the report by going to theVendorsmenu, then selectPrint/E-file 1099s. 2.) Customer – Customers are either accessed via clicking Customers on the top bar or by pressing Ctrl-J on your keyboard. Customers are people that pay you or your company for goods or services that you’ve provided.

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