Meze for Two

A sharing plate of five different traditional Turkish vegetable mezes.


One Meze

Traditional Turkish cold starter of your choice. Please ask the waiter.



Fresh strained Turkish yoghurt, mixed with cucumber, garlic & fresh mint, drizzled with virgin olive oil.



Seasonal Salad

Mediterranean greens, red, yellow and green pepper, carrot, red cabbage, cucumber and corn drizzled with olive oil & mustard sauce.


Spoon Salad

Finely chopped tomato, pepper, cucumber, parsley, spring onion, walnut and mint, drizzled with vinaigrette sauce.


Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken thigh fillets, Mediterranean greens, red, yellow, green pepper, drizzled with mustard sauce.


Seafood Salad

Smoked trout, crab stick, prawn, Mediterranean greens, red onion, yellow, green and red pepper, seasoned with fresh herbs, flavoured with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic sauce.



Lentil Soup

Creamy red lentil soup, served with croutons and butter sauce.


Soup of the Day

Please ask the waiter.



Penne Arabiatta

Penne shape pasta prepared with hot tomato sauce.


Spinach Ravioli

Ravioli with spinach and cheese stuffing served in a cream and permesan sauce.


Arabian Roast

Hummus, ground beef ribs, served with goat cheese sauce.


İmbat Mixed Basket

Crispy chicken, spring rolls, onion rings, Cajun potatoes, served by ketchup-avocado sauce.



Mushroom Kebab on Mashed Aubergine

Butter marinated, pan fried mushrooms, tomatoes & green pepper, served on smoked mashed aubergine and tomato, sprinkled with fresh herbs.


Jumbo Prawns

Jumbo prawns sautéed with Aegean herbs and tomato sauce.


Grilled Sea Bass

Served with Anatolian salad, simmered potatoes, lemon & balsamic dressing.


Steamed Salmon

Salmon steamed with potatoes, onion, lemon, mushroom, fresh thyme & rosemary.


Grilled Fillet Steak

Beef tenderloin steak, marinated with fresh herbs, served with Aegean mushroom sauce & white rice.


Mistanya Roasted Lamb

Shoulder of lamb, roasted with grape leaves, sprinkled with fresh herbs, served on smoked mashed aubergine & drizzled with blueberry sauce.


Meatballs Kebab with Yoghurt

Grilled shish meatballs on pita bread with yoghurt and tomato sauce.


Organic Rolled Chicken

Roasted fresh herb marinated organic chicken thigh fillets, rolled with spinach, red romano pepper and cheddar cheese, served with tomato, pepper, white rice flavoured with demi-glace sauce.



Semolina Halvah

Prepared with butter & served warm with ice-cream.


Rice Pudding

Baked rice pudding, served chilled with vanilla ice-cream.


Walnut Baklava

Crispy & sweet, served with ice-cream.



Pistachio kadayif pastry sticks, prepared with sugar syrup and served with ice-cream.


Ice Cream

Four scoops of ice-cream.


Fruit Plate

A selection of fresh seasonal fruit.


Cheese Plate

A selection of four traditional Turkish cheeses, with dried apricots and walnuts.